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We are currently doing all of our events online.  To stay connected and get exclusive deals to games, swag and more, sign up for membership!

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Hi, my name is Candy Mathieu, HQNIC, Head Queen Networker in charge of Networking with Queens! Networking with Queen$ is a Professional Social Organization for women in business. I know you heard the saying "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun" but as businesswomen, we want to have funds and fun.

Throughout the year, we will host networking events, popups, workshops, and more to help master the art of networking. We want you to become a better networker and have more confidence when connecting with clients, partners, and potential sponsors.

So if you are looking to connect with business professionals women, then you will want to join Networking with Queens!

Check Candy's favorite motivational song for Networking With Queen$!


As a member, you get exclusive discounts to events and swag. In addition, you will be able to attend events at a discount. The registration fee is $20. This will allow you to get exclusive access and discounts to all of our events.

Vendor Opportunities

As a vendor, you will be able to sell your goods and services at our in-person events.

About Networking With Queen$

Social Media

We post regularly on our Instagram. You can follow us here.

Sponsor Opportunities

As a Networking with Queen$ sponsor, you will receive exclusive benefits on our website and social media.


Check out these quotes from women that attended some of the Networking With Queen$ events. 

My team and I always survey the attendee's post-event to capture first impressions and to see how we improve and make things better. 

I plan to attend another Networking With Queen$ event. It was very organized, fun, and informational.

The speakers at the event were motivating. 

One of my favorite experiences was the ice breakers at the beginning of the event.


Contact Candy

Candy Mathieu is a Networking Professional and “HQNIC“ Head Queen Networker in Charge of Networking with Queen$. 

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