Networking with Queen$ is a professional social organization for women in business. We’ve all heard the saying “Girls Wanna Have Fun” but women in business wanna have Fund$ and Fun.


Networking with Queen$ created this platform for women in business to NETWORK, CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and MAKE MONEY. We show all our members:

  • How to socialize and properly reach out to people in their industry

  • How to be a better networker

  • How to monetize with their part-time hustle or full-time business

  • How to build professional relationships 

  • How to make networking fun and rewarding experience

  • And more!

Meet  Candy Mathieu

Hi I’m Candy Mathieu the HQNIC Head Queen Networker in Charge of Networking with Queen$! I would consider myself a  networking professional, with over 10+ years of Entrepreneurship and a number of Business ventures, I’ve learned how to mix and mingle with ppl from all walks of life.


My Number 1 Networking Tip: is it’s not what you know that gets you through the door, it’s who you know and what you know keeps you in the building.


Networking Memories

Networking With Queen$ Event  Spring 2019

Networking With Queen$ Event  Fall 2019

Networking With Queen$ Event  Fall 2019

Networking With Queen$ Event Summer 2019

Sip, Paint, & Karaoke 


Pretty in Pink (Breast Cancer Survivors Picnic)

Community Service and Give Back Opportunity


This was to honor and support my friend @fitglam with the pink hair. Giving back to the community is very significant and we hope to do more events like this. 

Networking With Queen$ Pretty in Pink



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Contact Candy

Candy Mathieu is a Networking Professional and “HQNIC“ Head Queen Networker in Charge of Networking with Queen$. 

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