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Networking with Queen$ created this platform for Influential Women in Business to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and HAVE FUN​We’re a Social & Pleasure Society for women in business. Because All Work and No Play makes you a very Dull Girl!


I know you’ve heard the song” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" but as businesswomen, we deserve to have Fund$ and Fun!


Throughout the year, we will host Private Social Events for Members only including Birthday Celebrations, as well as Non-private Networking Events, popup shops, workshops, and more for both members and non-members.


So if you’ve earned the right to have an Epic Social Life and connections with other influential businesswomen, then you definitely must join Networking with Queens Social & Pleasure Society!


It's our goal to help you reach your Fun Quota.

Meet  Candy Mathieu

Hi I’m Candy Mathieu the HQNIC Head Queen Networker in Charge of Networking with Queen$! I would consider myself a Professional Social Lite. 


In my Business Life I have almost 15 years of being in Social Entertainment and a number of business ventures, I’ve learned how to mix and mingle with people from all walks of life.


In my personal World, I’m a wife of almost 16 years and a mom of a 19-year young son. 


No longer subscribing to the STRONG BLACK WOMAN label, I understand that my/our Power as Women directly derives from being able to tap into our Femininity and understanding that we are all Queens and deserve to enjoy the riches of the world, while still being able to Conquer the world. I wouldn’t say that I’m a Feminist, but I can be described a Female Empowerist, yes I created that term, lol.


My Number Social Tip: Is to always show up as yourself. 


Networking Memories

Networking With Queen$ Event  Spring 2019

Networking With Queen$ Event  Fall 2019

FullSizeRender 2.jpeg

Networking With Queen$ Event  Fall 2019

Networking With Queen$ Event Summer 2019

Sip, Paint, & Karaoke 






















Marketing and Networking Opportunities

Educational Seminars 

You will​ hear and learn from great speakers and experts within the Networking With Queen$ community.


You will​ the opportunity to attend and table at pop events that we will host throughout the year.

Member Orientations

You will learn how to make the most out of your membership.​ Plus, you will receive more information about what you get with membership.

Lead and Referral Business Recommendations

If you​ are looking for an expert for any area of business we will be able to connect them with you.

Sponsorship and Hosting Opportunities

We​ promote your business whenever you sponsor or host a Networking With Queen$ event.

Online Membership Directory

You​ can maximize your online presence with our website so that our community can easily connect with your business.

Online Networking Calendar

We want to keep in the loop about different networking events in the city. Our members will have the opportunity to have events and pop-ups  listed on the website.

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