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We Don't Gossip We Network

Book Your Promotion

   Would you like to have your business Promoted on our Networking with Queens Social Media Platform?

 We Don't Gossip We Network Instagram-Promo: Includes


 1. Instagram Video Promotion on our Networking with Queens Page with almost 4500 followers. We Use Your Caption and our ( HQNIC ) Head Queen Networker In Charge: Candy Mathieu Creates a Selfie Video Describing your Caption $50 dollars (24 hours) 


  2. Take Over My Stories: 2+4=6 videos for 24 hours for $24 dollars

  3. 7 Day Spot Light: You Deserve The Spot Light Darling, so Let us shine it on you. You'll Provide us with a Professional Photograph, Your Bio and we'll Create a Feature Cover to Post on our       Networking with Queens Instagram Page for 7 days. Cost $75






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