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Below are some questions that you may have about membership and Networking With Queens.

What is Networking With Queen$?​ Networking with Queen$ is a Social & Pleasure Society for Women in Business. 

Who started Networking With Queen$?

Candy ​Mathieu a Professional Social Lite/Entertainment-prenuer, from New Orleans.

Why should I join Networking With Queen$?

Networking With Queen$ is a Social & Pleasure Society for Influential women in business that genuinely want to connect with each other all while having fun. 

Can I refer someone to Networking With Queens?

Yes! Most definitely. 

How many events do you ​all have during the year-round?

We will host 12 Private Membership Events as well as a variety of Non-Private events all throughout the year. 

What kind of marketing and promotions exist  for members of Networking With Queens?

You will get the opportunity to connect with many women all throughout the year. In addition, you will have the opportunity to market your events through the Networking with Queen$ social media platforms. 

As a member, am I the first to know about  merch and events?

Yes! As a Networking With Queen$ member, you get exclusive first dibs on events, merch, and more.

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