Below are some questions that you may have about membership and Networking With Queens.

What is Networking With Queen$?​ Networking With Queen$ is a Professional Social Organization for women in business.

Who started Networking With Queen$?

Candy ​Mathieu, an entrepreneur from New Orleans.

Why should I join Networking With Queen$?

Networking With Queen$ is a community of Professional Business Women that genuinely want to connect with each other. We want to help you to become a better networker so that when you are connecting with people inside and outside your industry you come correct and you make a lasting impression.

We make networking fun. In fact, networking is vital to career growth, for entrepreneurs, and business owners. Networking can help you build long-term relationships and a good reputation over time. 

Can I refer someone to Networking With Queens?

Yes! Most definitely. 

How many events do you ​all have during the year-round?

We will host a variety of in-person and online events throughout the year. However, due to COVID, we are limiting in person-events.

What kind of marketing and promotions exist with for members of Networking With Queens?

You ​will get the opportunity to market your business on our website, social media, business directory, and more.  

As a member, do I get discounts off merch and events?

Yes! As a Networking With Queen$ member, you get exclusive discounts on events, merch, and more.

Contact Candy

Candy Mathieu is a Networking Professional and “HQNIC“ Head Queen Networker in Charge of Networking with Queen$. 

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